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09 Dec 2020

5 Tips For Buying Tech This Christmas

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If you’re buying technology this holiday season, there can be a lot to think about. Magazines, television, and the web are brimming with advertisements and reviews of the latest tech your money can buy. However, you want to make sure you’re getting the right thing, something that’s going to be compatible, and that you’re getting a fair price!

Here are a few of our tips to help when buying new technology both now, and in the future.

Does The Technology Do What You Want?
First, you must ask what problem you are trying to solve with a new piece of tech. The most important thing to consider is how adopting your new device will improve on what you had before. In some cases, getting a sleek new gadget or device just for fun is good too! When you’ve answered this question, you should consider whether there is other tech or competing devices out there that can perform even better.

Is It Compatible With Your Existing Equipment?
For things such as software and games, you need to make sure you have the correct hardware to run it correctly. Especially when buying it as a gift for someone else. That means making sure it’s for the correct device (Windows, Mac, Playstation, XBox etc) and that you have the correct specifications for it. Always make sure to keep the receipt if you are unsure!

For newer technologies, such as smart home devices, there can be a range of competing standards that are all vying for your attention. If you already have one type of technology (from say Google, Apple, or Amazon’s Alexa for example) make sure that your new devices are compatible with those. Some devices have cross-compatibility between the different standards, while others do not.

Have You Checked The Reviews?
We are fortunate enough to have access to seemingly unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips.  Often weeks before a product is released, reviews are available across the web.

One of the best things you can do when considering a new device, particularly a high-cost purchase, is to watch and read a wide variety of product reviews.  It pays to be cautious of reviews that are particularly glowing, or too downbeat.  Keep an eye out for middle of the road reviews that fairly weigh the pros and cons of each device.

Have You Found the Best Deal?
There are many ways to keep an eye out to make sure you get the best deal on your purchase.  If you can, monitor prices over time to see how they rise and fall to find the best time to purchase. When purchasing online, many sites include a box to add a coupon code when you are ready to buy.  It sometimes pays to jump over to Google and search the website name and ‘coupon’ or ‘voucher’ to find out if there are any good deals on. A quick search can save you as much as 10, 15, or 20 percent on some purchases.

Ask For Help If You Need It!
Lots of people get stuck during the set up of their new equipment. If you find yourself needing a hand, check to see if the manufacturer has a free support line listed in the manual to guide you through it. Also, sites like Youtube often have video tutorials to help get your tech set up quickly and easily. Of course, if you do find yourself stuck and just want an expert to come out and get it working, we are just a phone call away on 1300 551 350!


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