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Internet and Email Issues Canberra

Whether used for business or for purely for leisure, having access to the internet has become a necessity in modern times. When you are having internet connection issues, it can not only be frustrating, but they can waste your valuable time and money. The first thing you should try is to contact your internet service provider directly, to check that there are no known outages in your area or issues with your account. If they are not able to help, give us a call! You have no idea how many times we have heard our customers say “I wish I had called you ages ago” after being stuck on the phone to technical support for hours at a time. There is another option, and that is simply to call one of our technicians to come out onsite and troubleshoot the issue for you.

There are a number of potential reasons why you can have issues with your internet and email. It can of course be a hardware issue, due to a faulty router, splitter, or network card. Other times the cause can be less obvious, such a virus on the computer, a driver issue, or even over protective security software that falsely identifies your internet connection as a threat. Internet connection issues can even happen after something as minor as a seemingly harmless Windows update, which updates your drivers and if done incorrectly can prevent access to your network.

Email issues are another common issue that we face and have a lot of experience resolving these problems. We have worked with all of the popular email clients and are able to offer support for programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Live Mail, Apple Mail and Thunderbird. We can also help with certain issues relating to online email services such as Hotmail (now, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Some Of The Common Problems We Can Help With Are:

  • Issues that your internet service provider can not help with.
  • Faulty parts such as routers, switches, filters and network cards.
  • Sharing your internet and emails across your network.
  • Accessing your emails through webmail and other online interfaces.
  • Internet connection problems and slow network speeds.
  • Internet drop outs and intermitent connection faults.
  • Setting up new internet connections and configure email clients.
  • Issues sending and receiving emails across all email programs.
  • Issues sending large documents or emails with attachments.
  • Issues logging into your mail account or errors with your mail program.
  • Moving emails between mail programs and/or computers.
  • Sharing and moving calendars and email contacts.

As you would expect, the only issues that we are unable to resolve are ones where the problem lies not with your equipment but with a third party provider, such as your ISP or phone company. We strongly encourage that you contact your service provider first to check that there are no known outages or account problems. If everything is find on their end, give us a call on (03) 5215 1111 for advice on how you can get back online as quickly as possible.

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