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Canberra Computer Doctors are your local experts at repairing all Microsoft Windows based computers. When your computer won’t start up, our computer technicians are the perfect team to diagnose & resolve any issues you may be having. Our crew of professionals are proficient in repairing all computer problems, regardless of whether they are hardware or software based.

We understand that your data is the most important thing on your computer, so all of our work is done ensuring your data is protected at all times. We also work on all versions of Windows, ranging from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, to Windows 8.1. Most issues can be repaired without the need to complete a reinstallation, saving you time and money.

Windows may fail to work properly for any number of reasons including; improper computer shutdown, virus infections, or failed computer updates. With the Canberra Computer Doctors, these problems can be examined, diagnosed and correctly fixed within the shortest period of time (in most cases on the very same day you call!).

Our team of computer repair experts are available 7 days, offering exceptional service that has won us multiple awards over the years. From the moment you call, our customer service team is here to give friendly advice and assistance while making your booking.

Some Of The Areas That Our Team Of Computer Experts Can Help With Include:

  • Computers that fail to boot up Windows properly
  • Computers that won’t allow you to log in.
  • Restoration of corrupt or damaged Windows files
  • Computers that only work correctly in safe mode
  • “Blue screen” message errors when starting windows
  • All error messages preventing Windows loading
  • Providing assistance when you forget your password.

If You Are Having Problems, Here Are Some Friendly Tips:

  • Pay attention to any error messages that your computer displays.
  • Take a picture of errors displayed using your phone/camera. This will help our computer technicians in diagnosing the errors that your computer might be having.
  • Select the windows start up mode carefully. Do not ignore messages displayed that prompt you in selecting the most appropriate Windows startup mode.
  • Feel free to contact our technical team any time you need our assistance. You should always seek advice before restoring Windows to factory settings on your PC. This is important to avoid data loss that may not be able to be undone.

If your computer isn’t loading, there is no need to panic. Our team of experts will ensure that your computer runs smoothly again before you know it. Call us any time on (02) 6223 2333.

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