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13 Oct 2014

Should You Fix Your Computer Or Purchase A New One

At Canberra Computer Doctors, this is a very common question that we get. It is only natural to want to make sure you are getting the best value for money, and it makes sense to weigh up your options if you run into computer trouble. Here are a few things to think about.

How Much Data Is On Your Computer?

Sometimes, it is just easier to repair a computer because of the convenience that comes with it. If you have a lot of software installed on your computer, then you have to factor in the time and effort that will be needed to set everything up again from scratch. Of course, we are able to help transfer your data and documents to a new computer to take the hassle out of moving to a new device.

How Old Is Your Computer?

The older your computer becomes, the less value it has. Of course there are other factors to consider, however as a general rule after a computer reaches about 4 years of age it is rarely worth spending money to replace the parts in the machine. However, if you have run into a software issue (think along the lines of a virus, Windows problem or Internet issue), then it may be worth fixing. This is due to all the parts still working perfectly fine, they just need to be setup or repaired correctly to work again.

Do You Have A Laptop Or Desktop?

Generally speaking Laptop computers hold their value for much longer than desktops. They also have a higher purchase price as well. If you have a laptop computer, it may be worth spending a bit of money to get it repaired, however desktop computers are much cheaper and easier to replace. Just to confuse things even further, laptop computers have custom parts if a device has failed, they may be more expensive to repair. We can give you some advice over the phone in this situation regarding what your computer may cost to fix.

Is The Problem Hardware Or Software?

This has to be one of the main factors as we have mentioned it briefly in the points above. If a computers parts are all fully functional, then it makes more sense to go ahead and get it repaired. When the parts start to fail, it can lead to more expensive repairs and can tip the balance in the favour of getting a new computer. Software issues can happen on a computer from day one, so they are usually worth getting repaired.

How Much Did The Computer Cost?

This is another important factor when considering if you should repair your computer. If you purchased an entry level machine 5 years ago, or got a hand-me-down machine from a relative, it may not be worth the investment to repair it. However, if you purchase a reasonably priced machine just a few years back, it would make more sense to pay to have it fixed up. Remember that all parts sold by CCD come with a 12 month warranty on the part, and 3 months onsite labour warranty.

If you are not sure of what you should do regarding your computer issues, we are always happy to give you assistance and advice over the phone were possible. We will go through the various issues that you may be experiencing and provide you with estimated repair costs so you can make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 6223 2333 to discuss your issues with us directly.

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