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13 Oct 2014

Why You Should Get Your Computer Repaired Onsite

Get Your Computer Fixed Faster

When you choose to get your computer fixed onsite, you get a dedicated technician who comes out at an allocated time just to deal with your problem exclusively. As we are able to offer same day service for most bookings, it can mean that your computer issues may be resolved within a few hours from your initial contact with us. When you compare that to dropping your computer off into a shop and waiting in a queue behind all the other machines, there really is no comparison in terms of repair times.

Receive Free Advice & Support

While your technician is out onsite, you are able to ask any questions you may have regarding your computer, or computers in general. Perhaps you would like some advice about an upgrade, or possibly the best way to back up your computer? Maybe you would like to ask which Internet plan would be best for you? At Canberra Computer Doctors, our friendly technicians are always happy to help you while we busily work away repairing your computer problems.

Personalised Service

Following on from our last point, having someone come out onsite to assist you is a much more personalised way of getting your computer repaired. This is great for people who may have sensitive information on their machine, as you can see exactly what we are doing and how we are going about repairing your computer. It is also ideal for helping set up new computers and transferring data, so we can make sure we get everything set up exactly how you like it. You can also be assured that you will never be overcharged for your computer repair, as you can see exactly how long it takes to fix.

All Issues Can Be Repaired

While there are some limitations to shop repairs, an onsite computer repair company can assist with basically any issues you may experience. Examples of problems that need to be looked at onsite include internet connection faults and setting up wireless networks. It is also great for setting up devices such as printers and other equipment that you can’t take into a store for configuring.

We Offer Longer Trading Hours

As a mobile computer repair place, we are able to operate 7 days a week, and have bookings up until 9pm of an evening. This makes our service ideal for people who are unavailable during standard working hours.

If something is not quite right with your computer, why not give us a call? We are available on 6223 2333 7 days a week, and we can help resolve any issues that you may be having. We are very good at what we do, so you will not be sorry that you have chosen us for your PC repair needs.

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