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  • JoAnn A

    JoAnn A

    Albert promptly arrived at 11 and quickly ascertained what problems I was having with my computer. He checked with me at times during the process and made sure that my questions were all answered. I appreciated his knowledge and how he explained things to me in a clear, understandable way. I think Albert will be a great addition to your team.

  • Giles H.

    Giles H.

    You covered my needs exceedingly well. I couldn’t ask for more .

  • Sally H.

    Sally H.

    Working from home, I don't have an IT helpdesk that I can call on when I have technical problems with my computer. After many frustrating hours trying to resolve an internet issue, I contacted CCD and to my surprise, I had a technician come to my house and resolve the issue within 3 hours. The payment I made to CCD was much cheaper than my many hours lost trying to resolve the problem. Based on my experience, I would have no hesitations calling CCD again.

  • Andrea B.

    Andrea B.

    I was impressed by the professional way in which everything was carried out and will be recommending Canberra Computer doctors to other people on my staff

  • Mary M.

    Mary M.

    I have to say my laptop has never run as well as it now does. I would highly recommend your company. I am more than pleased. He spent the time that was needed to make sure that everything worked perfectly, without skipping corners. I was very impressed with Wally’s expertise.

  • Sue B.

    Sue B.

    We were very happy with the service provided to us by Canberra Computer Doctors as they provided timely, professional help and listened to our concerns.

  • Jenny M.

    Jenny M.

    The technician came exactly when he said he would, which for me is important. Told me exactly what was wrong with my computer. Though this meant getting a replacement, I was extremely impressed by the speed in which this was achieved and the helpful pleasant manner of the technician. I will certainly be recommending Canberra Computer Doctors to my friends.

  • Nick M.

    Nick M.

    I found CCD really easy to use; from my initial telephone enquiry I was offered a costing, an arrival time which was met, a technician who was proficient and who was able to explain to a non-technical person what the issues were. I would use CCD again.

  • Peter S.

    Peter S.

    From our single experience with Canberra Computer Doctors we would be happy to recommend the services to others and will use CCD again if necessary.

  • Vicki D.

    Vicki D.

    One of the best and fastest computer services that i have used. Tim was fantastic, he explained everything in terms that i could understand, and explained everything that he was doing, and surprise, surprise he did everything he promised! I will recommend your service to everybody.

  • Alan B.

    Alan B.

    After not having a response from another company for nearly three weeks I found Canberra Computer Doctors, and thank goodness I did. These guys are amazing!

  • Pam G.

    Pam G.

    The technical support I received was carried out in a most friendly, quiet and efficient way by a technician who explained what he was doing and why. He also carried out extensive tests and added various ways in which to assist the greater efficiency of my computer. Thank you.

  • Jane H.

    Jane H.

    I would call on this firm again if I had a need, my computer was running slow, had more than one virus and had loads of things needing a clean-up. My understanding of how to do this is nil, the technician was friendly and understood my needs well, he fixed all my problems for me.

  • Katherine O.

    Katherine O.

    The booking process was easy and very supportive. I rang late one afternoon and the booking was made for the following morning, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. The technician arrived when expected and provided some useful advice. I will definitely use you again.

  • Henti N.

    Henti N.

    I am most pleased with the service and the young man’s explanation of what he was doing and why. I would not go anywhere else in future.

  • Saul J.

    Saul J.

    Wally from CCD has been technically excellent, professional and prompt. The service has always been good and prices reasonable

  • Lesley G.

    Lesley G.

    Safat arrived well within the given time frame and called to say when he would arrive. Technical knowledge was great and the problem fixed to our satisfaction.

  • Barrie E.

    Barrie E.

    Very fast turnout. Great staff. Everything was fixed quickly. They even asked if I had any other problems. GIVE THEM A RING.

  • Andrew G.

    Andrew G.

    Canberra Computer Doctors were prompt, professional and most importantly, they were knowledgeable & got me back online & operational again. Thank you.

  • Aileen P.

    Aileen P.

    Really impressed with the prompt response. Thank you.

  • Nick Y.

    Nick Y.

    CCD was clear in its quote, punctual, and the technician courteous, professional and competent. Everthing that you would want.

  • Janet E.

    Janet E.

    My husband is disabled and is difficult for me to get to shops. Canberra Computer Doctors came to the house and were able to assist getting everything functional again. We are truly grateful for their service.

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