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In addition to our popular onsite repair service, we are also able to offer secure remote support. Remote support is the perfect solution for fixing smaller issues that may not warrant an onsite visit, or software issues like virus removal. Using our software, we are able to see your screen as if it was our own, and we take complete control of your computer to resolve your issues.

If you can visit a website, then you are half way to being able to have your computer looked at via remote support. Our technicians guide you through the very simple process to give us access, and then we do the rest.

All of our remote support services are on a “once off” basis, and neither our technicians nor other Canberra Computer Doctors staff are able to get access to your computer once the job has been completed.

Here Is How It Works

call us

Call our office on (02) 6233 2333 and book a time with one of our friendly technicians.

call us

We will call you at the specified time to connect to your computer and listen to your problem.

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We will resolve your issues as quickly as possible, then get your to check you are happy with our work.

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We then accept payment via credit card after the job is completed and your receipt is emailed to you.

What Can Be Fixed?

We can fix up most software issues including:

  • Virus Removal
  • Remove Popups
  • Fix Email Issues
  • Configure Backups
  • Install Programs
  • General Advice
  • Speed Up Computers
  • Some Windows Problems

What Can’t Be Fixed?

Some of the issues that require an onsite visit include:

  • Network and Internet Issues
  • Faulty or Damaged Parts
  • Computers That Wont Boot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Service Secure?

Yes, we use 256bit encryption when we connect to your computer, which is the same standard as what is used by law enforcement and banks. You can monitor what we do on your computer and watch us work while talking to us over the phone.

Can Anyone Else See My Files?

No, the process is entirely safe. Once we disconnect from your computer we are unable to get access again without your permission.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

You are required to have a reasonable internet connection (at least ADSL) that is working and functional. We only offer remote support on Windows or Mac machines, and you must have a working credit card for payment.

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