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Crashed Computer Issues Canberra

Computers seem to have an annoying habit of crashing just when your need them the most. Whether you have an assignment due, an important work document to send, or just need to bid on an item on eBay, we understand your frustration when your PC no longer functions how it should. Computers can crash for any number of reasons. It can be an issue with your operating system (normally Windows on most PC’s) where it crashes and gives you a nasty blue screen error message (also known as the blue screen of death). It can also be caused by malfunctioning parts such as memory (RAM) issues, overheating components, graphics card issues and a wide range of other potential hardware faults.

The first step of the process is for a technician to quickly and accurately diagnose whether the issue is hardware based or software based. If the issue is intermittent, we have a series of tools that we can run that are designed to stress your computer and cause it to crash more quickly. We can then use this information, along with our various hardware tools to accurately diagnose the main cause of the crashes and help resolve them as quickly as possible.

Some Of The Issues You May Be Facing Include:

  • Your computer will no longer get into your operating system (Windows).
  • Your computer has power but will not display anything on the screen.
  • Your programs will hang, freeze or display information in a distorted manner.
  • Your programs will open then immediately close before you can use them.
  • Your computer displays a blue screen error message (BSOD).
  • Your computer will constantly ask you to start in safe mode or in a recovery mode.
  • Your computer beeps or makes strange sounds from the internal speaker.

We Can Fix Your Crashing Computer By:

  • Accurately diagnosing if the issue is hardware or software based..
  • Running software stress tests on your machine and analysing the results..
  • Running memory (RAM) checking programs, and hard disk diagnostics..
  • Replacing any faulty parts that may be causing the computer to crash..
  • Make sure the PC isn’t overheating by checking cooling and thermal compound..
  • Cleaning up your system and resolving any potential software conflicts..
  • Perform any BIOS or driver updates to increase system stability..
  • Perform a health check on the PC to make sure it runs how it should..
  • Check for any viruses or nasty programs that can cause common crashes..
  • Make sure you have the latest Windows updates to protect against know issues.

No matter if your computer is a laptop or a desktop, we are able to help with all issues that can cause your computer to crash. These issues do not usually just resolve themselves with time and it is always better to act sooner rather than later. Just give us a call on (03) 5215 1111 and let us know what your computer is doing. Our technicians will have you up and running again with your computer running exactly how it should.

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