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There is no worse feeling than when you think that you may have lost a file or document that cannot be replaced. We hope that you are never put in this position, however if you are facing lost data or a faulty hard drive, it is important to act quickly. Firstly, make sure you switch off the computer straight away and see professional I.T advice. When a hard drive has physical fault, parts can rub against each other when it is turned on, causing greater damage and limiting the chance of getting your files back. Switch it off straight away!

At Canberra Computer Doctors we can assist with standard (basic) data recovery through to more advanced recovery. Our partners offer the best and most economical data recovery options available Australia-wide for more complex jobs, allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible chance of getting their files back.

Basic Data Recovery

If you have deleted data by mistake, or if your hard drive has no physical issues then generally recovering data is a much quicker and easier process. We have access to various software tools that can restore data under these circumstances. Another common task for CCD is if you have data on an old computer that is not functioning but the hard drive works. In these cases we can physically remove the hard drive from the computer and back it up onto another PC or an external storage device.

Another common case of basic data recovery is when an external hard drive stops receiving power. Quite frequently the issue can be with the casing around the hard drive, and not the actually storage unit itself. In these cases we can once again get your data off the drive with ease.

Advanced Data Recovery

If you have sustained physical damage to a drive or require more involved data recovery then it is common to have to dismantle the drive to get the files back. This work must be completed in a dust proof environment by technicians with specialist equipment. We work with the best in Australia when it comes to these sorts of jobs to ensure the best chance of success

Canberra Computer Doctors Can Repair Your Issue By:

  • Your computer is not able to detect your hard drive or flash drive
  • A clicking sound can be heard coming from the hard drive
  • You have reinstalled Windows back to factory settings
  • It smells like smoke may be coming from the device
  • Your hard drive causes your computer to freeze when accessing data
  • Your data files appear to be corrupted and cannot be opened

For more information regarding data recovery for your hard drive or flash drive, give our office a call on (02) 6223 2333. We can go through your options for repair and explore all possible outcomes to ensure the best chance of having your data recovered.

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