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General Maintenance and Computer Optimisation Canberra

The award winning team at Canberra Computer Doctors are able to help you get the most out of your computers at all times. Many of our customers choose to have their computers looked over at regular intervals, to ensure that everything is running smoothly and at its optimal level. Regular maintenance also helps to identify any potential issues before they become serious threats, and when it comes to I.T prevention is always better than cure. Through regular use, your computer can accumulate junk and clutter than can slow down your computer and take up your valuable system resources. Our technicians are able to clean out your computers both inside and out, ensuring you get the longest possible life out of your devices.

We Can Help Optimise And Maintain Your Computer By:

  • Deleting any viruses or nasty programs running in the background of your PC
  • Remove unneeded or unnecessary programs taking up space on your hard drive
  • Optimise your computers start up to only load what is required
  • Check all cooling fans and thermal compound to prevent overheating
  • Remove dust and other particles that can form inside a computer system
  • Defragment hard drives and scan them for any errors
  • Remove any temporary internet or data files that take up your hard drive space
  • Upgrade any drivers or software to the latest versions
  • Make sure your computer has the latest virus software and is protected
  • Offer advice on possible upgrades you may wish to consider
  • Perform any updates of Windows as required to have the latest software

Canberra Computer Doctors Are The Right Choice For You Because:

  • We only deal with Windows based computers which require general maintenance
  • We offer a highly personalised service, ensuring you are getting the best advice
  • We come to your home or office to save time maintaining your computer
  • We provide advice and free utilities when required to optimise your computer
  • Our service is flexible, with time slots available to suit even the busiest schedules
  • Our technicians love to help and are the friendliest people in the ACT

Getting your computer maintained and optimised not only makes your computer experience more enjoyable, but it can add years to the life of your components. To find out what Canberra Computer Doctors can do for you, give us a call on (02) 6223 2333 and make a booking with one of our friendly members of staff.

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