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Improving Computer Speed Canberra

Speeding up slow computers is by far one of the most commonly requested jobs that we assist with. Due to the sheer frustration that comes from using a machine that is running slower than it should, we know that you want to have your computer back to how it used to be as quickly as possible. There are many reasons that can cause a computer to slow down, with most of them being software based. These include things such as viruses and other programs running in the background, a lack of system resources (RAM or HDD space) or just general clutter taking up space on your computer. Hardware issues such as failing hard drives can also slow down a computer, meaning the correct diagnosis of the cause of the problem is vital.

Computers will generally slow down over time with use, and the team at Canberra Computer Doctors are able to help restore your computer to its original speed. Our mobile repair specialists are able to come out to your premises, quickly diagnose the cause for the slowness on your computer, and quickly take the steps to rectify the issue. In most cases we can do this whilst onsite and the very same day that you give us a call.

Contact Us If You Experience Any Of The Following:

  • Your computer is noticeably slower than it used to be
  • Your believe you may have a virus on your computer
  • Your computer takes a long time to boot up
  • You think you have too many programs on your computer
  • You get error messages about a lack of system resources (e.g memory)

Here Is How Canberra Computer Doctors Can Help:

  • We can quickly diagnose why your computer is slowing down
  • We can remove any programs which are not needed or not in use
  • We can scan and remove any nasty programs (viruses) on your computer
  • We can free up memory and space on your computer
  • We remove junk and clutter that is not needed (e.g old temporary files)
  • We can help clean the computers Windows registry
  • We check for any potential hardware issues (e.g hard drive)
  • We advise you of any upgrades you may wish to consider

Using a slow computer is not only frustrating, but can be caused by an underlying issue which cause get worse over time. If you believe something is wrong with your computer, we are just a phone call away on (02) 6223 2333.

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