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15 Oct 2014

What Is Two Factor Authentication & Why You Need It

“Two Factor” or “Multi Factor” Authentication is when you require an additional piece of information as well as your usual username and password to log into a website. This is normally in the form of a code which is sent to your mobile, or a number that will appear in an app on your phone. This code is only valid for a limited period of time (usually just a few minutes) and it helps prevent unauthorised access to your account. This is ideal for people who use the same password on several sites, as it adds and extra layer of security which is virtually impossible to bypass. Even if someone has access to your username and password, they would also require access to your mobile phone as well to gain access to your data.

You should be using this whenever possible, as security leaks and breaches are unfortunately a regular occurance these days. Even today as we write this information it is estimated that up to 7 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised, with usernames and passwords being posted online. Customers who use Two-Factor Authentication do not have to worry about this breach, as hackers would still be unable to access any of their files and data.

One important thing to remember is that even if you utilise two factor authentication and use the strongest of passwords to protect yourself, if your password reminder questions are weak you may still be at risk. If the only thing you need to know to reset your password and gain access is your mothers maiden name and date of birth, anyone with that easily obtainable information may be able to use your account. Be sure to use password reminder questions that only you would know the answer to.

Our remote support option is ideal for people who may need a hand setting up Two Factor Authentication on their favourite websites, or of course we would be happy to come out onsite and assist you if you would prefer a face to face visit from one of our helpful technicians.

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